Saturday, 6 October 2012

#Fashion:Jumpsuit affair


(painting by Katie Comodore)
 Anyone who knows me would know that I LOVE JUMPSUITS.
For me it's the perfect combination of style and comfort....also it's that 80s appeal, shoulderpad, taliored cut, smartwear that I would find in my mum waldrobe when I was a child. 
Mind you she was(and still is) quite a fashionista in those day. Although we're not rich but she always dress to impress! I guess it's the entertainment business we're in...but ayway, it's obvious that passion for fashion can be passed on in the family!

(Photo by Linda Cooper)
From Exhibition openings to dancing on the floors, these outfits are statement piece..and also allow you to move quite freely!  On a sunny day(not we have that many in England...), it can be quite relaxing look too....well, kind of.

Jumpsuits/Onesies/Bodysuits (what ever u fancy to call them) of mine are usually from the Vintage shop, like Rockit, Beyond  Retro, or The Blitz in Brick lane...but thanks to Jessie J, now the one piece look has been back on the mainstream fashion scene while it's more difficult to find the second hand one with reasonable price (as they're gone so quick), you get some funky designers coming up with nice new jumpsuits as well! Like this one from Religion. AMAZING.
(photo by Jesus Madrinan)
One down point is that, like any other statement piece, people DO remember you wearing I have to quite careful not to wear the same jumpsuit to the same crowd too often....also it's quite 'in you face' so some crowd wont really know how to react to it...
I wore a couple of these in Bangkok on a few party occassions. Although attention on the dancefloor was fun, but being stared all the way to the party and going home by basically every human being in the city wasnt very fun to be honest.


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